Doug's Daylilies Nursery
all daylilies are sold by double division = 2 plants all daylilys are freshly dug and state inspected and all daylilys are guarateed for the first year I will replace with the same or better daylily   To enlarge photo for plant habits and hybridizing info  Click the name of the daylily you want to see please be patient they take an average of 30 seconds to open in another window, be sure to check out my monthly specials page where i have many daylilies at reduced prices

yellow flowered spider daylilies  with red eye above yellow throat
purple flowered daylilys with dareker eye with yellow throat
Making Whoopee
      sold out
Layers of Gold
  sold out
Lavender Light
  Lady Neva
yellow gold flowered double daylilies with specs of red very fast increaser
Long Stocking
lavender flowered daylilys with darker lavender eye and white midribs above yellow green throat
Last Flight Out
Malasian Monarch
dark purple flowered daylilies with white eye above yellow green throat
big red spider

Daylily Pictures 5

Midnight Raider
   sold out
Lavender Pink Ballet
Jungle Eyes
Japanese Royal
     sold out