photos 1
All American Tiger
Always Afternoon
Ancient Reflections
Arabian Magic
Awakening Dream
Barbara Mitchell
Becky Lynn
Bela Lugosi
Beloved Ballerina
Best Kept Secret
Bill Norris
photos 2
Black Ambrosia
Black Plush
Caribbean Purple Spires
Charlie Pierce Memorial
Chevron Spider
Chorus Line
Cool Jazz
photos 3
Curly Rosy Posey
Daring Deception
Daring Dilemma
Eye Catching
Emperors Dragon
Femme Fatale
Fire Mist
photos 4
Forever Red
Forever in Time
Frilly Bliss
Happy Hooligan
Hawiian Nights
Hot Ember
Hunters Torch
Idas Magic
photo 5
Japanese Royal
Jungle Eyes
Lady Neva
Lavender Light
Lavender Pink Ballet
Layers Of Gold
Long Stockings
Malaysain Monarch

photos 6
Ming Porcelelain
Moonlit Masquerade
Moonlite Memories
Mountain Majesty
Mystical Rainbow
Orchid Waterfall
Paper Butterfly
Peacock Maiden
Phoenician Ruffles
Pink Ambrosia
Pink Chapeau
Pink Super Spider
photos 7
Pirate Lord
Pirates Patch
Prelude To Love
Priscillas Rainbow
Pumpkin Kid
Purple Rage
Purple Rain Dance
Red Hot Daddy
Renegade Lady
Rainbow Spangles
Red Twister
Riley Baron
Royal Saracen
photos 8
Royale Eventide
Rue Madelaine
Sanford Show Girl

photos 9
Seminole Blood
Seminole Wind
Sherry Lane Carr
Siloam Royalty
So Excited
Soft Summer Night
Spacecoast Picotee Prince
Spanish Masquerade
photos 10
Stars Over Alabama
Strawberry Candy
Strawberry Edge
Strawberry Jazz
Super Purple
Sydneys Sun
Texas Red Head
Tigers Eye
Thunder And Lightning
Time Lord
  photos 11 
Vintage Bordeaux
Which Way Jim
Wild And Wonderful
Wind Frills
Winter Masquerade
Witches Stick
Wolf Eyes
  Our specialty is reblooming daylilies  and award winning daylilies, we hybridize our own daylilys as well and  introduce them  in my creations, all daylilies are sold by double division = 2 plants all daylilys are freshly dug and state inspected and all daylilys are Guarenteed for 1 year if they die i will replace with the same or better daylily!  click the blue link at top of column to view the photos on that list, be patient it may take a few moments to open also be sure to check out my daylilies monthly specials new >> Daylilys Organic Solution
my creations 3
Mambo King
Mystical Dragon
Mystical Treasure
Pink Tigress
Purple Rage
Renegade Warrior
my creations 2
Dancing Moose
Dakota Princess
Dark Eyed Beauty
Disco Fe Fe
Dreamy Lookin
Enchanted Visions
Fiesty Lady
Flamingo Dancing
Frisky Lady
my creations
Bumblebees Love
Candy Lovers
Crimson Tiger
Curvy Lady  

  my creations 4
Sinful Angel
Southern Jezabel
Strawberry Serenade
Sweet  Melissa
Sweet Witch
Texas  Temptress
Twinkle Toes Hall
White Tiger
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