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                          ~ Things to have ready before you start planting! ~
1  Rooting Hormone Powder – Hormodin 1 or Root Tone
2. 3/4"Paint Brush
3. Moisturizing Crystals
4. Milorganite
5. Shovel
6. Knee Pads
7. hose + water
8. Tape measure or a yardstick
                        Now you’re ready To Plant Daylilies
            Presoak your plants in a bucket of water 1 to 2 hours before planting

1st dig a hole about 12” to 15” round and about 6” deep then make a mound spread a small handful of milorganite around mound add about 2 teaspoons of  of the moisturizing crystals  use the 3/4” paint brush to dab the roots with Hormodin 1 or root tone then put the bottom of crown on middle of mound and spread the roots out
Here in Florida you want the crown to be ¼” to ½” below surface further north this will be ½” to 1”.When filling in the dirt be sure not to leave any air pockets I pound the dirt down using my fist when I get closer to the crown I push down with my fist I then put my mulch around plant I leave an inch around the base. I dislike cypress mulch I am now using peanut mulch but you can use chewed up leaves and pine straw (needles). Note before adding mulch water your plant then put at least 1” to 4” of mulch.
Milorganite is a low organic fertilizer / soil conditioner however it only works when temps are 70 degrees or above otherwise it’s inert.

Moisturizing Crystals; these will swell to 10 times their size they last up to 3 or more years they provide the plants rooting system with water as it needs it this is great for the dry season or if you forget to water your plants.

Rooting Hormone Powder; This is by far the most important thing you can do to insure good growth as well as best growing conditions for your plant, I use 3 pounds of it each year my 1st choice is Hormodin1 can be gotten at a nursery supply store or Leonard Ames Catalog  for the small gardener use Root Tone get a ½” to ¾” brush I use am artists brush only cause it holds it better I first put it kinda heavy  on any cuts then white roots then everywhere else lightly. This will get in to put out feeder roots within the 1st 12 days and helps take the shock of transplanting it out it will also help prevent rot!

Water; Daylilies require 1” a week 2” in dry areas water only at dusk or very early in the morning I prefer morning. More is better….

Daylilies Organic Solution;  can be used to improve your plants growth and health, it helps by washing bugs aphids /spider mites,dirt,fugus (rust), air pollution and sand off daylily leaves stems and buds it also helps as a soil conditioner with micro elements. I spray twice a month 1st and last.

Fertilizer; The Dry type is best I use 8 10 10 palm fertilizer that I get from Lesco it has a Urea coating and provides up to 3 to 4 months of food and nutrients in a slow release formula. I also in the spring time use 10 30 15 or 15 45 15 once to increase budd count.
If your not using the Organic Solution and you feel you need to dramatically increase the color of the leaves otherwise know as add more nitrogen use a water soluble solution like Miracle Grow 20 20 20 I don’t care to use it because you would need to do this every week in order to maintain it and I hate dragging hoses to often I have dragged it over a daylily (crunch) ouchie! That’s why I prefer to use my organic solution with an electric 15gal. Sprayer much better twice a month I put 4oz to 15 gallons of water I have my sprayer in a metal wagon I bought at Wall Mart I can do 3 25 foot by 15 foot beds All my daylilies are field grown I don’t have a green house.

Compost; 1st put down a tarp this will prevent any loss of nutrients and keep moisture in wood chips spent blossoms chewed up leaves I use my tractor to chew them up by going in ever tighter circles this needs sharp blades by the way!; chewed up pine straw or needles our pine needles are 16” long the natives made baskets with them that’s why they need to be cut or they take a very long time to decompose cow/horse manure  coffee grounds egg shells apple cores I eat lots of macs lol spoiled veggies shredded newspaper hair sea weed milorganite anything organic is good make sure you keep it wet water pile once a week.

Sprinklers; I use plastic Rain Bird type I prefer Nelsons made in USA but all I can find now are the ones from over seas and their just not dependable or as good. 
Mine are mounted on 3 foot risers of ¾” PVC. What you want to be sure to do when using a sprinkler system is make certain they overlap one another so there are no dry spots.

                                      Dormant’s  Ever-green   Semi-evergreen  
Dormant’s and Semi-evergreen’s do well everwheres but southern Florida any place that temps get below 35 other wise like in southern Florida they just fade away  some semi’s will grow in the deep south but not many.
Evergreen  daylilies will grow everywhere just about some will out do others its best to ask the grower if I don’t know I can find out.

heres a link that is important for those wanting more info on what to use for compost A complete guide to composting for the yard and garden
This page was last updated: June 27, 2007

Daylilies Planting Instructions

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