Doug's Daylilies Nursery
Our specialty is rebloomers and award winning daylilies, we hybridize our own daylilys as well and shall introduce them
here in my creations, we are state inspected 
                                                                                New --> Daylilys Organic Solution
                            - L E G E N D -
*=Means it is a tetraploiad; all others are diploid
EMLARe blooms early,mid-season,or late and Re-blooms
Ext,fr,noc:Extended bloom-16 hour, fragrant and nocturnal opens at night
Dbl: More than six segments, spider-narrow segments, variant; spidery or unusual
Dor foliage in winter is dormant(dies off)
Semi = semi-evergreen
Ev = evergreen always green
L=Limited     S=Single
1fan = 1 plant    2 fans or dbl. fan = 2 plants